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Karen Laforet MClSc, RN

Karen Laforet MClSc, RN

Biographical Info With over 30 years of nursing experience spanning 3 countries, my work experience includes critical care, women's health, home and community care, long term care, professional standards, privacy, private practice and academia. I am recognized as an international expert in skin health/wound management and IV infusion therapy. I have close to 20 years experience working with MOHLTC, Ontario health teams, home and community care support services (formerly Local Health Integrated Networks). My current practice includes providing legal consultation, wound and IV/medication safety consultation for long-term care and faculty member at York University. Qualifications include: Certification in community health nursing (CCHN); national and international certifications for IV and infusion therapy (CVAA(c), VA-BC; Masters in wound healing, wound, ostomy & continence education and interRAI (CHA) qualification. My years of experience and expertise in implementing nursing professional standards enables an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation. And, my extensive knowledge in conducting research and literature reviews will provide a cost-effective objective analysis.

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Expertise longtermcare, publichealth

Province ontario

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