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Executive Team

Lola Olorunfemi, President LNCAC

Lola Olorunfemi, President

For almost 20 years, Lola Olorunfemi has been a Nurse with experience in both the United States and Canada. She is the president of DSG Health Consulting Inc. and has applied her broad nursing experience to assisting plaintiff and defense lawyers across North America on medical malpractice cases, DMEs, Negligence cases, and more. Lola has been a Mastered Prepared Registered nurse for almost 20 years, with experience in Medical-surgical, Stroke. Step down ICU, Mental Health/Psychiatry, Long term care, and Advanced Medical Aesthetics. Lola is also a Nurse Educator and Nursing Faculty at Notable Universities across Canada, in BC and Alberta. She is also a Faculty member of the Canadian College of Aesthetic Dermatology. Lola thoroughly enjoys teaching Nursing and the challenge of working as a legal nurse consultant and expert and appreciates the opportunity to teach lawyers, clients, and nursing students to teach and educate about legal nurse consulting, standard of care, nursing care, and nursing process, hospital processes, and Advanced Aesthetics. Lola is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and Life coach as well. She has been featured in many international magazines and publications like Today Nurse, CEO weekly, and New York magazine. Her other features include the Diversity Magazine, the Ladies Corner, and the Keynote magazine. She is a Sigma The Tau and Phi theta Kappa international Honours Society member.

Karen Hughes, Vice President

Karen is a Legal Nurse Consultant with over 35 years of nursing experience. Karen’s career has encompassed long-term care, cardiac care, emergency nursing, and intensive care. Her primary expertise over the last 25 years has been trauma nursing in a busy 30-bed medical-surgical-trauma unit for adults over 18 years of age. Karen is also an active member of the Critical Care Outreach Team, bringing specialized critical care support beyond the walls of the ICU to high-risk patients on inpatient units. This role has enabled Karen to continue her skills in the identification, assessment, and treatment of seriously ill patients, as well as provide consultations and teaching to medical staff. Karen started her own Legal Nurse Consulting business in 2017 and has provided nursing expertise to both plaintiff and defence lawyers. She finds her role of a LNC to be exciting and fulfilling when teaching and assisting lawyers and clients in explaining medical records, providing a critical analysis of clinical nursing, and assessing expected standards of care. Karen is thrilled to be joining the executive this year!

Heather Johannessen, Treasurer

Heather is a Legal Nurse Consultant with over 31 years of nursing experience. She attended York University in Toronto where she completed her BscN with Honours while working FT as a Nurse at Scarborough Grace Hospital. She has worked 13 years in the hospital setting in Med-Surg, Paediatrics, Nursing Informatics, Rehabilitation and as a Clinical Resource Reviewer. She has also worked in the community as a VON nurse. She then transitioned from the Hospital Sector to work for The Workers Compensation Board. During that time, she completed her Masters In Education from Central Michigan University and graduated with the highest of honours with Magna Cum laude status. She has 12 years of experience as a Nurse Case Manager at the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board specializing in Personal Injury Cases, Serious Injuries, Trauma, Occupational Health and Rehabilitation. She is one course shy from completing her Nurse Practitioner and she has been a Legal Nurse Consultant since 2012. She is the CEO of her own Independent Legal Nurse Consulting Business for which she provides nursing expertise to lawyers involved in medical malpractice. She enjoys motivational speaking and insuring that the highest nursing standards are applied in all cases. Lastly, she has been the Treasurer of the LNCAC since January, 2014.

Rosemarie Enokson, Secretary

Rosemarie Enokson is a Legal Nurse Consultant with over 30 years of nursing experience. She has worked neurosurgery, medicine, surgery, as a flight nurse and was a clinical educator in the emergency department for 14 years. Currently, Rosemarie is working with Alberta Health Services on the Provincial Patient Safety Team bring her experiences and skills to improving patient safety. She continues to provide nursing expertise to lawyers involved in medical malpractice. Rosemarie has personally reviewed numerous medical/legal matters, testified as a nurse expert in Emergency Nursing. She has mentored/reviewed hundreds of Legal Nurse Consultants. Rosemarie is a contributing author to the Connect Experts “Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting” and “Legal Issues in Nursing” course. She has spoken across Canada about legal issues for nurses. Rosemarie passions include teaching, mentoring and continuous improvement of our health care systems and patient safety.

Sophia De Paola, Director at Large

Sophia is a newly certified Legal Nurse Consultant. She graduated from the University Alberta and has worked for over 10 years in adult critical and post-anesthetic care. At the bedside, Sophia maintained advanced certifications and obtained her Green Belt in quality improvement from her regional health authority leading the unit’s work on a provincial project. Sophia wanted to continue learning and in 2019 graduated with her Masters in Health Administration from the University of Regina. She currently works as an assistant head nurse in a national surgical quality improvement reporting patients’ surgical outcomes. Sophia recently joined the executive team hoping to support its membership’s understanding of the role of legal nurse consultants. Particularly, how this skill set applies to our everyday nursing work and promotes patient safety. She is very excited to get her first case and share her cumulative experience and education with you!